Pennsylvania Lemon Law

If you have purchased a new or slightly used vehicle that is defective, our firm will handle your claim at no out of pocket cost to you. You may be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price, a free replacement vehicle, or cash compensation. Best of all, our services are completely FREE! The PA Lemon Law provides that the Manufacturer of your defective vehicle must pay our Attorney Fees if we are successful in handling your claim. (There is no fee if we do not recover anything). Let us put our experience to work for you in guiding the way through your vehicle claim.

BulletWhat are your Lemon Law Rights?

Under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, your rights are set forth in great detail. If you have a Lemon:

  • You may be entitled to a Refund of the Purchase Price
  • You may be entitled to a Free Replacement Vehicle
  • You may be entitled to a Cash Award
  • You are entitled to Free Legal Representation

BulletWhat are your chances?

If your new or slightly used vehicle has had three repair attempts for the same or a similar problem OR if it has been in the repair shop for thirty (30) days or more total, your chances are EXCELLENT! The PA Lemon Law and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act are extremely powerful laws that benefit Consumers just like you who have purchased defective vehicles. We succeed on about 99% of the cases that we accept, in terms of obtaining a buy-back or cash compensation for our clients.

BulletNo Recovery - No Attorney Fees

I never require an up-front retainer for Lemon Law or Breach of Warranty cases that can be filed against the manufacturer. In my opinion, any Lawyer who asks for a retainer on a newer vehicle Warranty claim is not familiar with the components of those laws. The Pennsylvania Lemon Law and other state and federal statutes provide that the Manufacturer must pay your Attorney fees and costs, so I have my fee added into the settlement. This means that there are no out-of-pocket costs to you, the consumer. My firm typically advances all reasonable costs associated with the pursuit of your claim, and I have the Manufacturer pay the bill! In that regard, my representation of you is Free*!

BulletTake the PA Lemon Test Here!

The Pennsylvania Lemon Law only covers NEW personal use motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans and SUV's. It does not cover Used Vehicles, Motorcycles or RV's. However, if you have one of those types of vehicles, and it is defective, you may still have a claim under other laws!

If your vehicle was not purchased new but the defect first occurred while the vehicle was still covered under the original Manufacturer's Warranty, we should still be able to help you. There is a Federal  Law, called the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, which will provide you with relief similar to that available under the Pennsylvania Lemon Law, including payment of your legal fees. Visit our FAQ pages by clicking the links at the left to learn more.

BulletWe handle all types of vehicle cases

While we focus on Lemon Law and Breach of Warranty cases, we also handle other types of vehicle related cases including Auto Fraud, Odometer Tampering, Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, Undisclosed Damage to New Motor Vehicles and Spot Financing claims. Our firm typically only handles vehicle claims for autos that have been manufactured within the last five (5) years.

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